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CD to MP3 Maker CD to MP3 Maker - FAQ - Help
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1. If it can't detect CD-ROM device, Please download ASPI driver program and install it on your computer. it will probably fix the problems.

2.About Windows Media Audio.

CD to MP3 Maker have not include Windows Media Audio codec. If you have not installed Windows Media Player 10. You ought to download and install the following codec first.

Free download Windows Media Audio 9.1 Codec (Microsoft redistributable) 5.38MB Recommend

Free download Windows Media Audio 9  Codec    (Microsoft redistributable) 3.89MB

3.When converting, CD to MP3 Maker pop  the message 'fail to reset encode plug-in'. What does this mean? 

This is because you selected an error output file settings. You may click menu "settings" and try  another output file settings.

4. I can't seem to rip any tracks at all. Help!

Try resetting the jitter correction values to their defaults in the CD Options dialog (click on the "Reset" button). If that doesn't work, In the CD Options dialog, try using the "Auto detect" read algorithm. If it still doesn't work, try the others individually. It's also possible that your drive simply doesn't support digital audio extraction -- while most SCSI drives support digital audio extraction, not all IDE drives do.
You ought to pick the correct CD ROM choice from the "CD settings" menu. If someone has more than 1 CD ROM (like a burner), the correct choice needs to be made.

5. I cant register it with my registration number and name.

When you input your registration code, please copy the registration name and code Then paste it to the registration dialog. Don't type it manually because you may be distinguish some letters. Try again.



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